treefarm.halo_selector.sphere_selector(hc, ds2, radius_field, factor=1, min_radius=None)[source]

Select halos within a sphere around the target halo.

  • hc (halo container object) – Halo container associated with the target halo.
  • ds2 (halo catalog-type dataset) – The dataset of the ancestor halos.
  • radius_field (str) – Name of the field to be used to get the halo radius.
  • factor (float, optional) – Multiplicative factor of the halo radius in which potential halos will be gathered. Default: 1.
  • min_radius (YTQuantity or tuple of (value, unit)) – An absolute minimum radius for the sphere.

my_ids – List of ids of potential halos.

Return type:

list of ints